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Get to Know Valorant Agent Killjoy

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Killjoy is a genius of Germany. This is the agent you can count on to invent a new gadget to get the team out of the battlefield. One of her many inventions is her robot debuff, which doesn't miss the target on the battlefield. Killjoy was originally a male during her first development phase, and She also was a robot in some part of the development, which I think would have been cool to see. Killjoy is part of the Sentinel group of Valorant agents. I will do a full post about the different types of groups within Valorant soon, but Sentinel is the group that does defense and can lock down areas.

Some of Killjoy Abilities include:

Alarmbot: Deploy a bot that hunts down enemies that get in range. After reaching its target, the bot explodes.

Turret: Deploy a turret that automatically fires at enemies in a 180-degree.

Lockdown device: After a long windup, the device detains all enemies caught in the radius.