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Knockout City’s cross-play beta for 3 days

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Knockout city, a competitive dodgeball game created by EA Games, had a cross-play beta this past weekend, and you know GosuNow had to jump in on the action.

The beta was available for anyone to join with no purchase or code to enter, so it was smooth to download the game and get started. Knock city was available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. I found this game to be entertaining and different from the normal first-person shooters I play all the time. You still have the elements of a first-person shooter as you launching dodgeballs at your opponents.

The game had 3 modes players can take part in for the beta Team KO, Face-Off, and Diamond Dash. These will happen across four different maps, together with four special balls to choose from. GosuNow will be keeping an eye on Knockout City and what EA Games does next for this game to be a success or a flip.