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Girls Got Game: More Women In Esports is a Great Thing

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Gaming is a hobby enjoyed by people of all different backgrounds. However, gaming is notoriously thought of as an all-male environment. And while it may be common to see a majority of men engaging in esports, in recent years, the amount of female gamers has been gradually and steadily increasing.

In the world of esports, gaming is not just a hobby; it’s a profession. Streamers and professional gamers are some key roles you can expect to see within esports. However, there are a vast amount of professional roles, such as marketing, business development, and shout casting, which are also roles sought after by those wishing to get into esports. With classes and online tools to help gamers better their skills, there are several ways for anyone with an interest to refine their abilities.

Despite the amount of talent that exists in the gaming world, if you evaluate the amount of female professional gamers compared to their male counterparts, you’d realize that the amount of professional female gamers on the esports scene is still severely lacking.

The scene where most female gamers tend to prosper and grow the most is through Twitch streaming. It is here that female gamers usually begin to grow their audience and brand with the potential to be discovered and recruited by a professional team. This is evident when looking at some of the most successful female gamers in the industry today, as most of them got their start on Twitch.

Sponsors have also been quick to jump onto talented female gamers and teams. Recently the dating app, Bumble, has initiated a partnership with an all-female Fortnite team. Gen.g’s all-female Fortnite team, which Bumble is currently working through a rebranding with, has given a much-needed platform to women in the Fortnite gaming scene.

So far the Gen.g roster includes Tina “TINARAES” Perez, Madison “maddiesuun” Mann, Carlee Gress, and Hannah Reyes. With such an amazingly talented roster of women, we can certainly expect to see them make an earthquaking impact in the competitive Fortnite scene.

The concept of having female-only tournaments vs mixed-gender tournaments has been a hot topic of debate in the esports world. Despite the various opinions on this, Dreamhack has shown initiative in creating female-only tournaments. Just this past summer, Dreamhack featured Valencia, a CS:GO ladies-only competition with eight teams and a prize of $100,000.

Bottom line: esports is something that should be equally available and enjoyed by everyone. Due to certain stereotypes associated with gaming being for boys and men, it is clear why female gamers have felt isolated. Throw in issues associated with sexism and online harassment and you can certainly see why female gamers have been underrepresented in the gaming world.

Obtaining elite status in the gaming world is definitely a challenge, but no matter what gender you are there are always opportunities. If you are a female gamer who is looking to take your skills to the next level, or a female gamer looking to mentor others as a coach esports training apps such as GosuNow can help, and with both a gamer and coaching app you can download on both Android and iOS devices and start your training or teaching today.

It is because of initiatives by successful female gamers and several organizations, that it seems we are finally starting to see women getting the recognition they deserve in the competitive gaming world. Prepare to be thrilled when these ladies show the world that girls got game too.