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1v1 Apex Kill Race tournament $30


Get some practice in before the big tournament next week!

What prize do I win?
1st place gets $20
2nd place gets $5

What type of tourney is this?
This tourney is a 1v1 duos and you only play one game per round.

What happens if my opponent doesn't show?
We give everyone 10 minutes to show up when each round starts.

How do I submit a score?
You must enter your number of kills + the number of kills your opponent has.

What happens if I cheat?
You will be banned from future GosuNow tournaments.

What does bye mean?
Bye means you get a free round.

What happens if we tie?
The winner is the person who died last.


Requirement to for this tournament:
Required Number Players to Play: 8
Mode: 1v1 Duos
Single Elimination: After losing 1 match
Age Requirement: 12 or older

Reporting Scores:
It's important that you submit your team's number of kills with a photo to the GosuNow app.

How to Play

1. In Apex Legends all players will join one lobby and search for a duos game.
2. The hosting player adds his opponent, via Origin ID and invites them to the game.
3. Once the players have joined, the host launches the game and play commences.
4. The winning player will be determined by the player with the largest number of total kills.
5. Each tournament match has a window of 20 minutes to be played.
6. Everyone who joins this tournament will play - players may have a BYE in the first round.
7. If you are not ready to play your match in the first 10 minutes, you may be automatically forfeited to help keep the tournament moving.

Game Rules

Tournament Check-in:
You are required to check-in 15 minutes prior to the tournament start time. Players who fail to check in for the tournament will not be allowed to participate. CHECK-IN ON GOSUNOW APP.

The Number Of Games:
Teams will play 1 game against each other and track the number of kills. The player with the most kills after 1 game will move on to the next round.

Players must take screenshots after all players are dead and the game shows which place you finished. This means you must stay in the game until your opponents die in order to get the screenshot with total kills.

Interference & Obstruction:
You are not allowed to intentionally interfere with your opponent's attempts to move around the map or secure kills. However, interference calls are made strictly at the discretion of our admins.

In the event of a player lagging out during the warm-up lobby, players must leave the game and start another game session.
In the event of a player lagging out at the beginning of a game prior to the players landing then both teams must leave the game and start another game session. Video evidence is required to be provided.
If a player disconnects after landing, teams must continue to play and not leave. Disconnected player's kills still count for them.

Each team must take a Screenshot(s) of each Game’s results in case proof is needed for a dispute. Screenshots should be visible and contain the Game Score, all Players on both Teams, and a timestamp.


Contact the tournament Administrators via the official tournament chat here on the GosuNow app.

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